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Dallas Painting Pros is more than just a residential painter and commercial painter offering interior and exterior painting. We also perform move-in, move-out make ready services. We have years of experience and a knowledgeable team that is ready to take your property to the next level. We are not a handyman service, but we perform the services below as part of a painting project. 

We are handy in the bathroom. We change out fixtures that no longer work properly or just for looks. 

We replace damaged or rotted wood and siding.

Got a door that needs adjusting or replacing, we got it. We also add or change door locks and hardware. 

We dont repair appliances, but we can change them out for you and give you the updates to keep your property looking modern.


Patching holes, cracks and other repairs to your walls is part of what we do. 

As with appliances, we can change out your cabinets, light fixtures, and sink and faucet

This is primarily what we do. We are an interior and exterior residential and commercial painting contractor.

We add smoke detectors, door locks, door viewers, fire exinguishers, etc. Safety items. 


Freshen up your homes curb appeal while protecting it from the elements. Youll be happy you did.


What a better way to attract potential customers with paint that provides a fresh new look. 

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